Case studies

Spa & Salon


To create a Spa & Salon Management System to help manage resources and people for improvement of the quality of services

Solution Offered: One Stop Solution for the Growing Business

We at New Mek Solutions have created a platform which enables Spa & Salon owners to handle the entire lifecycle of their business with simplicity, ease and dynamism. Right from the customer appointment booking of day-time, booking of chair, booking of professional to Billing to Customer Feedback to Package Management to Sale-able inventory handling to Sending Customers SMSs/Messages to Sales – The platform is a one stop shop solution for a smooth handling of the organization’s performance.

Besides the performance, the analytics are drawn from the performance and a detailed picture of the Target Vs Achieved, Scope for Betterment and Future Predictions as per Calendar and Seasons can also be made.

One extra feature of the solution offering is that branches work as independent systems in the absence of internet and data will be synched later. Every branch can work locally without depending on the main server. This feature was widely appreciated as business is up and running always.


.NET 4.0, ASP.NET, C#.NET, WCF, SqlSerever2012R2, etc....