Why New MEK?


While there are many reasons to work with New MEK Software Solutions, here we present the ten fundamental principles and qualities that define our culture and make our company stand out

Unique Approach to Each Client

Our clients will get the turnkey solution to their business needs. This could be achieved by care and attention to what we paid to each and every point of their client’s business needs and long term business goals.

Strategic Association

At New MEK, we built a strategic association with client. We offer robust solutions to our clients to boost in achieving their business goals.

Realistic Track Record

We have a track record of many mission critical application deliverables at ease of use. Our solutions will address the day today implementation challenges that may be related to security, scalability or availability.

Strong Expertise

At New MEK, we have strong expertise team with certifications from Oracle and Microsoft in different technologies.

Regular Learning

New MEK provides an environment to its employees in learning and implementing new technologies. We believe continuous learner only gives the best.

Dedicated Working Team

New MEK is having strong working team with sound knowledge, analytical and technical skills. Teamwork is one of the success factors of New MEK. Every resource works with passion, accepts the challenges, face the risks. The motto behind everything is to give the best.