Building native apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Since the first iPhone was introduced to public in 2007, we have been creating elegant and intuitive iOS applications that people love. We have successfully launched several dozens applications including outsourced and our own products including Elements: Epic Heroes, an action role playing game available both on Android and iOS devices and ThickButtons, a touchscreen keyboard for smartphones available in 32 languages.

With powerful custom-built apps, we can help you leverage iOS potential to serve varied industries and diverse business needs whether you’re building a consumer facing or business process app. With our in-depth knowledge of UI/UX and iOS development processes, we deliver robust and comprehensive iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications.

  • Custom iOS apps development
  • iPhone/iPad game development
  • Enterprise iOS applications
  • Mobile commerce apps
  • iOS social media applications
  • Applications for wearables
  • iOS Apps testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Post-launch consulting

Why US

Released Top rated apps

We create popular mobile apps with over 3m downloads on Google Play and AppStore. Our own mobile game product Elements: Epic Heroes was featured Top 2 New Game on Google Play during summer 2014.

Transparent rates

We offer a simple rate card with no hidden charges or commission. If you want to change or add features or even rethink the whole concept of your iOS application, we can agree on a fixed monthly payment to provide you the ultimate flexibility in achieving your goals.

Broad expertise

You can find much more than iOS development at New MEK. We have built a knowledge sharing environment where our iOS developers cooperate with other software product development professionals experienced in creating products across many stacks and working with disruptive technologies such as IOT and VR.

After-launch consulting

Once your product is launched,New MEK iOS development professionals will provide you with post-development support to help you optimize theproduct, work on innovatios and engagement increase.


Objective-C is an established language that powers most iOS apps. Even though most of the new apps for iPhones,iPads and Apple Watch are written on Swift, we can help you to maintain and upgrade your existing Objective-C applications.

Since 2014, New MEK has been growing its expertise in Swift, a programming language which is about to replace Objective-C for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Currently, all our iOS development experts are familiar with Swift and use it to build immersive responsive consumer-facing applications.