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Business Challenges
  • Customer has an existing system which is just storing the details of patients, doctor appointments manually in excel sheets
  • Scheduling of appointments and its communications.
  • Conducting live interaction between doctor and patient.
  • Reports like scanning and other medical reports through online and capturing the required things are very challenging points
NEW MEK Solution Highlights
  • Developed the web based application and mobile app
  • Our solution automates payment process, other requirements and gives the desired result.
  • Given the scheduler for appointments
  • Through third party tools developed one interface to show the scanning reports to doctor and provided the capturing of important images in the scanned videos.
  • Given the application and integrated for live webinars.
Benefits/Value additions
  • Provides the payment process for appointment confirmation procedures etc...
  • Collaborating the patients, doctors and admin.
  • Proper utilization of resources and exact communication over appointments.
Technology Stack

Application software: Framework 4.5, C#.NET

Data base: Sql Server 2012.

Tools: Microsoft application blocks, Log4net, Lead Tools, GotoMeeting, Zoom,Entity Framework 6.0

Payment Gateway: Payu




Customer is in the field of spiritual service. They want to sell their scriptures and literature through online. It is an online shopping store where one can buy books, CD's and magazines related to history, devotional. Whenever user login, he/she can select the required books/cd. Magazines and they will be redirected to Payu payment gateway. After successful transaction control will be redirected to transaction status page.

Technology Stack

Application software: 4.0, C#.NET, Windows Services, WCF Services

Data base: Sql Server 2008 R2.

Tools:application blocks, Log4net

Payment Gateway: Payu

NeuroDAC Providers


Customer is in the field of retail online pharmacy store which provides the facility of online purchasing of Medicines to the customer. This project consists of two modules. Admin module and User module. This also comprises of customer tracking, Order tracking of goods.

Technology Stack

Application software:4.5, C#.NET, Windows Services, WCF Services

Data base:Sql Server 2012.

Tools:Microsoft application blocks, Log4net

Payment Gateway: Payu


A leading Insurance company

Business Challenges
  • Customer has an existing system supporting life insurance products which required a modification every time a new product is introduced.
  • Customer required a system that avoided the software modification for each new product.
  • The solution should also remove outdated form data, being generated and stored for each customer during an online purchase .
NEW MEK Solution Highlights
  • Developed a new Web service and trigger in database to get the new product auxiliary data from another system.
  • To minimize User Interface and business logic changes, the unwanted UI controls/frames are hidden rather than going for deletion.
  • Changed the current dynamic insurance certificate generator and digitized the entire process with superior implementation which was an instant hit with the customers.
Benefits/Value additions
  • Better usability by redesigning UI thus reducing the number of screens and saving precious time.
  • Reduced load on the support team by eliminating inconsistent data through automated data synchronization .
  • Incorporated event notification system for sending automatic notifications to the support teams in the event of DB failures which saved precious time and improved the ROI .
Technology Stack

Application software:Framework 3.5, WCF, C#.NET.

Data base: ORACLE 10G.

Tools:Microsoft application blocks, Log4net, Crystal reports, ABCpdf .



eScraper is an application used by hospital management for insurance eligibility of the patients who visited their hospitals at insurance providers.

Existing System

Hospital management needs to search for the patient insurance eligibility at the provider manually by giving the patient details. It involves time taken, human mistakes.

New MEK Highlights

New MEK proposed a system which maintains the patient details at the hospital (in this application) and it will fetch the insurance details automatically against the patient from respective insurance providers. The system will fetch the eligibility details, claim status details and store into this application. When a patient comes for the appointment, this system will check for the claims eligibility status of the patient and proceeds for the appointment with the doctor. After medication, the bills will be claimed by Hospital at Insurance provider.

Here the application will check the claims status of the bills against the patient visit. The whole process of extracting and storing eligibility and claim status of a patient from an insurance provider website is done using eScraper application. It reduces the human error and gives the result in time

Technology Stack

Framework:.Net 4.0

IDE:Visual Studio 2010

DB:SQL Server 2008R2

1. eScraper App ( Windows Application )
2. eScraper Service ( Windows Service )
3. eScraper WebService (Web Service )

Media & Communication

Talk [product]

Business Challenges
  • A product for setting up a 24X7 online streaming radio station with different channels across the different time zones.
  • Everything is script based such that radio us available in social community sites also.
  • Auto scheduling and with no human intervention it must play.
  • Single tool for multiple verticals.
  • Option to conduct host based live radio programs .
  • Single solution for multiple radio stations (community, business and campus radios... )
NEW MEK Solution Highlights
  • Developed one windows application digital repository tool which will communicate with scheduling engine and schedule the program list and publish.
  • The tool provides interface to place the files and map with different templates.
  • To enhance the security of the library developed a virtual layer (staging server) that allows admin team to interact and manage library remotely through a staging server. Staging server and the main library are synchronized in near real time.
Benefits/Value additions
  • Provided browser based voice interaction with Radio Jockey during Live program. This helps in avoiding the usage of expensive STD/ISD connection, enabling listeners from across the globe to participate in the program of a station of any time zone. None of the other competitor has this feature.
  • The script can be placed in facebook pages, twitter, blogs and normal pages. Those stations will play.
Technology Stack

Application software:4.0, C#.NET, Windows Services, WCF Services

Data base:Sql Server 2008 R2.

Tools:Microsoft application blocks, Log4net .

Facebook Apps


Air Asia:competition on facebook and client is an active partner of IPL

Star CJ & Audi:This is for advertisement of Audi cars.

Kellogg's Nutrigain:Online cricket game can be played on facebook fan page and results will be announced and shared automatically.




Religare is in the financial services and is operating in different countries. The financial data has to serve in different countries as reports. The data comes from different sources like shares, equities and insurance etc.. New MEK Solutions has built the Data cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services and served the output in different formats. Data was staged before being transformed into the dimensional model. Data Transformation layer converts staging data and load into Dimensional model. In the Dimensional model, the data will be stored in Star Schema after enrichment & transformation. The Star Schema will comprise of Product, Market, Period and Fact tables. Data will be stored in the SQL Server database. Based on some characteristics (multi level hierarchy's, MOLAP cubes...) the data cubes were built. The output has served through sharepoint portal.

  • Data Source
  • Data Staging
  • Data Transformation
  • Dimensional Model
  • Cube Building
  • Scheduling
  • Metadata Building
Technology Stack

Application software:C#.NET, Windows Services, Share Point 2010

Data base:Sql Server 2008 R2.

Tools:Microsoft application blocks, SSAS


Unified Portal


Unified Portal is a Web based portal which provides various types of useful services like Educational, Health Oriented, and Sports related and improving Employee Skills Services.

1. School Services: These services will be useful for every Educational Institution to promote an effective interaction between Management, Employee, Students and Parents. It also provides individual account for them to meet their essential requirements. Main Features of this Product are Online School Management System, Dynamic Alerts System, and Life Skills etc. This Product also has an additional feature of Website Builder through which users can create their own pages.

2. Health Services: These services will be useful for every person to improve his health. These services will give the information about the various diets, various exercises, Medicine for various diseases. This will considers the person’s gender, weight, height and different measures and based on those, it will give the different diets. This will be useful to increasing or decreasing weight, maintaining healthcares.

3. Sport Services:These Services will be useful for the sports persons. These will guide you how to play the various spots and various games. Through these services, various coaches, various players will register and they will help mutually each other. These services will also provide some multimedia content like audio/video files to improve the performance of the players.

4. Talent Services:These Services will be useful for both the Employer and Employees. Through these Services Employer can test his Employees in various aspects of stress, 8 leadership and Management Skills etc. Based on these results, these services will provide the various techniques to improve their skills.

Technology Stack

Application software:Framework 4.0, C#.NET, Windows Services, WCF Services

Data base:Sql Server 2008 R2.

Tools:Microsoft application blocks, Log4net

Unified Portal


Sikshak is a software product built by New MEK to addresses the problem of perpetual faculty shortfalls in Educational Institutes.

An Internet based solution for multi branch requirement and also supports Intranet option for proximate facilities. Live classes, doubt sessions, appointment sessions and live event telecast support. A centralized control over the portal is with the admin to manage students, classes, and all configurable data along with the scheduling. With shikshsak, no proprietary hardware is/are needed.