Explore our blockchain expertise

New MEK delivered blockchain solutions for finance, supply chain, and other industries. Our team uses all Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), includes Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ripple and Quorum.

Our expertise in blockchain relevant programming languages like Java, Go etc… are boost the development in blockchain projects.

Blockchain development with R3 Corda

Corda is an excellent platform to offer the services to the specific needs of financial institutions. The R3 platforms are developed in such a manner that are to interoperate, efficiency, risk and costs.

Blockchain development with Ethereum

Ethereum is a platform that makes it possible for any developer to write and distribute next-generation decentralized applications in cheap, secure and efficient manner.

Blockchain development with HyperLedger

This is an open-source collaborative technology designed to create an enterprise-grade distributed ledger frameworks and codebases. Hyperledger collaborated across finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chain, manufacturing industries.

This has became prominent because of its modular architecture and allows to plug-and-play components around consensus and membership services.


Dedicated development teams

We are a company of 900+ talented developers, 70% of which are senior-level specialists. Our tech professionals combine substantial business domain experience and strong technical expertise with a passion for working on challenging projects.

Focus on continuous innovation

Started as a product company, we at New MEK have managed to preserve our innovative culture as we grow. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative approach when working with technology companies as part of their R&D teams.

Extensive domain knowledge

We help businesses seamlessly implement blockchain technology in diverse industries. New MEK brings DLTs to financial services, automotive, e-commerce, transportation, supply chain, real estate, HR management, training, and other sectors.

Diverse blockchain applications

We offer blockchain application development, consulting and operation support for blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track, and transfer digital assets in any market.

Active member of Bitcoin community

New MEK plays a vital role in the local Bitcoin community. We provide a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing that encourages Ukrainian software engineers to use blockchain technology.


Ethereum Platform development
Hyperledger Fabric blockchain development
R3 Corda development for financial services
Development for Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform
Blockchain solutions for fintech and non-financial use
Platforms for smart contracts and smart legal contracts
Dynamic and decentralized blockchain apps
Blockchain technology consulting
Institutional ICOs