In New MEK .NET is one of the most widely used development environments, providing developers a platform for developing and delivering applications using various languages.

Our expertise in .NET development added value to our association with such clients as Vistex, NeuroDAC, Talk, . Besides traditional technology implementation, we built a few applications on .NET Core.

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile development
  • Enterprise Solutions

Why .NET

Cross Platform

With .NET Core, Along with windows based applications, it provides a platform to create cross platform applications like Linux and mac.

Managed code

Managed code is the one on compilation and will executed by the CLR. This offers integrated security, type safety.


.NET is language neutral, so you can use any programming language C#.NET, VB.NET or J#.NET. The underlying architecture of .NET framework will take care of your data types, memory management etc...

Safe & Scalable

Microsoft made the system much easier and more flexible to create a variety of scalable applications.

We work with

ASP.NET – a web application framework designed to build robust application for computers and mobile devices. ASP.NET is great for creating data-based applications, reducing the amount of code required for complex applications.

SignaIR is the framework for creating real-time two-way communication. For this purpose SignaIR uses both client and server components, helping to build chat, real-time forms, dashboards and monitoring applications, real-time gaming etc.

Open source web application framework, AngularJS allows developers to extend HTML’s syntax in order to build dynamic web applications. Powerful framework enables users to create RIA (rich internet applications).

Xamarin is a framework for cross platform app development (iOS, Android and Windows and Mac). This framework is very useful when someone needs to shorten the development time and build an application with two or even more user interfaces.