Over a period of 15 years, New MEK has been working with a mission to deliver World-class, efficient and optimised Technology Solutions to maximise customer satisfaction.

IT Manager , Barista
IT Manager , BaristaINDIAINDIA

I appreciated your originality, and the fact that your approach towards addressing the present business challenges with technology is very relevant and practical.

Sr.Manager , Doosra
Sr.Manager , DoosraINDIAINDIA

New MEK team is extremely great to work with, They have always been very cooperating and do not treat work like vendors do. They ask you the right questions and work with complete clarity.

Managing Partner , ARSMKE
Managing Partner , ARSMKEUSAUSA

New MEK team are incredible! They were extremely thoughtful, setting the benchmark for professional behavior. I recommended New MEK team for any project requiring the highest standards and best results.

Managing Partner , ARSMKE
CEO , Anjalee Business Solutions.INDIAINDIA

Thanks to New MEK team for on time and prompt deliverables. Entire team paid attention to details in all phases by applying their strong knowledge base and always delivered the best. Simply, they always have exceeded our expectations

Managing Partner , ARSMKE

The product development team at new Mek are a bunch of professionals with exceptional talent understanding and equally caring.
The uniqueness of this team is they forget their minutes, hours and days to keep the timelines of their client and beauty is this is true with everyone in there without exception.