Creating consumer and enterprise native Android applications

At New MEK, Our android developers will work from initial concept to launching on Google Play and support to post launching etc… New MEK has delivered many mobile apps with scaled from small to enterprise level in both cost effective hybrid apps and powerful native apps.

Our team is readily available to support our clients from kickoff to post launching.

  • Custom Android apps development
  • Android game development
  • Enterprise Android applications
  • Mobile commerce apps
  • Android social media applications
  • Android apps for wearables
  • Android apps testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Post-launch consulting

Why US

Proven track Record

We delivered 30 plus apps in android in various segments.


Definitely security is a major concern in the aspect of Information. New MEK team will utilize all the available OS resources.


We have strong background in Java which is one of the core competencies within the company and the foundation for most Android applications. In addition to Java, we are also familiar with the main principles of OOP, REST and Google guidelines for designing and developing for Android.

Building applications rich with graphics , such as games or entertainment apps, we do often use OpenGL, an API which allows the control of hardware accelerated graphics. With OpenGL, an application can create the same effects in any operating system or device using any OpenGL-adhering graphics adapter.

We use Android NDK developing apps that needs native coding. At New MEK we primarily address Android NDK for performance-dependent apps such as games or signal processing applications to implement parts of the app using native-code languages .

Android Studio is an official integrated development environment used for developing native applications on Android platform. We prefer to use Android Studio rather than other alternatives as it gives applications higher level of performance and security.