We specialise in full-cycle web development using JavaScript

At New MEK, We used JavaScript to create robust and cost effective web and server applications, responsive websites, and cross-platform mobile applications.

Very early days this technology is used only for developing websites and web applications. Now a days Javascript is supporting in many of the Mobile application development frameworks like Apache Cordova, PhoneGAP etc... The richness of this technology is a greater support in developing the responsive web sites and Hybrid mobile applications.

New MEK is having extensive expertise in Javascript based client and server side frameworks like AngularJS,Vu.JS, SenchaEXTJS etc..and Server Side technologies like Node.JS, React.JS.

  • Full-cycle web development using Javascript
  • Responsive web app development
  • Interactive UI development and enhanced UX
  • Developing front-end components with Javascript
  • Client-side and server-side JavaScript development
  • Cross-platform mobile applications
  • Content management systems
  • E-commerce application development
  • Integrated JavaScript development using RoR, Python, PHP/LAMP, JSP/JAVA etc.


Execution Speed

Due to it light weight in nature, JavaScript is used to make web applications more dynamic with rich user experience in lesser turn around time.

Extensive Browser Support

JavaScript is supported by most of the modern web browsers. Along with that many server side technologies like Java, ASP.NET, PHP,Ruby etc... are supporting the Javascript for web applications in a more efficient manner.


Node.JS is one of the most powerful and popular JavaScript frameworks used for building server-side components of web applications. New MEK programmers are experienced in Node.JS development, applying this versatile technology on multiple projects such as Lebara, CureForward, Schibsted etc.

Created and supported by Google, Angular.JS framework offers programmers modern development features and a solid ground for building functional and beautiful websites. New MEK developers have applied Angular on multiple projects including SCHAD, ThinkResearch, Vable, Manodo etc.