Case studies



eScraper is an application used by hospital management for insurance eligibility of the patients who visited their hospitals at insurance providers. The existing system was manual as the patients records had to be searched thoroughly to know the status of the insurances.

Solution Offered: Efficient Technology usage makes Effective Systems

New MEK proposed a system which maintains the patient details at the hospital (in this application) and it will fetch the insurance details automatically against the patient from respective insurance providers. The system will fetch the eligibility details, claim status details and store into this application. When a patient comes for the appointment, this system will check for the claims eligibility status of the patient and proceeds for the appointment with the doctor. After medication, the bills will be claimed by Hospital at Insurance provider.

Here the application will check the claims status of the bills against the patient visit. The whole process of extracting and storing eligibility and claim status of a patient from an insurance provider website is done using eScraper application. It reduces the human error and gives the result in time.


.NET 4.5, C#.NET, Windows Forms, Windows Services, SQL Server 2012R2, SQL Jobs etc....