Case studies



A group of neuro doctors from across the world wanted to build analytics pertaining to neuro conditions for the purpose of research and development.

Solution Offered: Data Analytics by the virtue of Patient – Doctor Interaction

We at New Mek Solutions, had proposed to create a platform where patients can come on-board, sign up to interact with the doctors for a Complete Neuro Health Care. A patient can use the platform to choose the neuro doctor they wish to consult and the required consultation will be provided. The core idea is patients will get to feed the reports of their conditions in the platform, which gives them the advantage of storage, access anytime, anywhere and patients can also use this to second consult doctors across the world.

Now the solution provided is, to create a NeuroDigital Asset Centre; where all the data that’s fed by the patients across the globe on neuro-conditions will be gathered and analytics can be made for further research and development. And patients of Neuro related conditions need regular visits to doctors and monitoring which means data will be collected at regular intervals of time. This solution by New Mek, is an easy, compact and accessible solution against the cumbersome process of acquiring data from a research house.

Moreover there is also the facility of Telemedicine and Tele radiology dash boards to better enable the patients and a 360 degree view feature of the neuro problems, which goes hand in hand with our cause of gathering data for analytics. Also a fringe benefit offered are, patients can do a conference with the doctors which will be facilitated by representatives from Neurodac, where the Case Sheet is maintained in the records of Neuordac for further reference and research. What is the solution? The technology used is .NET, SQL Server and Lead Tools and also Zoom Conference


.NET 4.5, C#.NET, Windows Forms, Windows Services, SQL Server 2012R2, SQL Jobs etc....