Case studies



The requirement at KES was to digitally transform the class rooms and existing methodology of teaching.

Solution Offered: Next Level of Education System Management

At New Mek Solutions, we provided a platform which took schooling to the next level. With the virtue of technology, now the emphasis is on every student with a personalized care so that students can perform better. So the platform designed needed to have the following benefits - Minimizing white board writing, pre-documented class room teaching material, conducting assessment tests and guiding the students with improvement oriented analytics.

The idea was to standardize the teaching technique so that we minimize the probability of erroneous passing of knowledge. This is possible when there is a set teaching pattern and set subject or course material. So much that the course material and the lessons are uploaded in the platform which enables students to access them at their abodes. This will not just ensure accessibility but also repeatability which helps students understand the subject better.

The assessment tests which is traditionally conducted does not have the advantage of assessing a student’s performance on a sustained level. With the platform which we created at New Mek, certain analytics can be drawn which means the strengths and weaknesses of students can be mapped, understood and implemented so that students and parents know the performance holistically.


.NET 4.5, C#.NET, .NET WEB API, OWIN Server, OAuth2.0, MySql, AgularJS etc....